Support Divisions

If you would like to contact a division head, send an email to with who and what you would like to talk about and they will get back to you.

Training Division

Director: Deputy Chief Gary Cummings

The Training Division's mission is to plan and implement compliance and continuing education training programs for the department. The division is also responsible for maintaining training records and overseeing the department's CPR Instructors.

People Division

Director: Captain Jaime Siino

The People Division's mission is to oversee the recruitment and retention of members. The division is also responsible for new member orientation, human resources records management, and scheduling.

Division Member
  • Clinical Officer: Thomas Notaro
  • Safety & Infection Control Officer: Kim Cummings
  • Field Training Officer: Matthew Quesada, Zyanya Flores
  • Cadet Advisor: Evan La Valle
Division Members
  • Recruitment Manager: Rebekah Crochet
  • Recruitment Specialist: Brigette Sailors, Daniela Gonzalez
  • New Member Coordinator: Ryan Pflug
  • Volunteer Engagement Coordinator: Isabelle Soares

Logistics Division

Director: Lt. Ryan Pflug

The Logistics Division's mission is to ensure that all ambulances are properly stocked with supplies, and that the department maintains an adequate inventory of supplies and equipment. The division is also responsible for issuing and tracking personnel equipment, such as pagers, radios, and uniforms.

Public Affairs Division

Director / PIO: George Todres

The Public Affairs Division's mission is to ensure that the public is informed about the department's activities, provide public education, and community health resources. The division consists of two teams, the Public Information Officer (PIO) and the Community Health / Injury Prevention (CHIP) Team.

Division Members
  • Logistics Manager: Evan La Valle
  • Logistics Specialist: Chandler Reed
Division Members
  • Public Information Officer: George Todres
  • CHIP Program Manager: Rebekah Crochet
  • CHIP Specialists: Zyanya Flores, Mariella Pueblo, Sriya Baru, Paramvir Singh,  Amanda Conover